van de Wiel Jasper

Jasper van de Wiel

Graduate Student Business Informatics @ Exact Software

Name:Jasper van de Wiel
Date of birth:22-09-1991
Address:Korvelplein 7B, 5025JN, Tilburg

Work Experience

01.2015 - 01.2016

QD Webservices

Junior Application Engineer

QD-WebservicesAs a junior application engineer at QD-Webservices I have worked on multiple projects. These projects range from developing single-page websites, to developing a point of sale system for restaurants. My responsibilities included requirements engineering, and front- and back-end development.

09.2015 - 11.2015


Consultancy Internship

098bf5cDuring this internship me and two fellow students were challenged to come up with a Proof of Concept to solve a complex financial problem, on the cutting edge of pensions and mortgages, in a technical manner. The delivered PoC was enthusiastically received by Utrecht University, Yellowtail, and a potential client (a large bank) and is currently further developed at Yellowtail.


2014 - 2016

Business Informatics

Master's Degree

Utrecht University

  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Game Production
  • ICT Advisory
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Knowledge Management
  • Method Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Product Management

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